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After 60+ years, we are closed permanently.
Thanks for so many years of support.

We will be checking email and phone messages.

    Mail should be directed to:

         PO BOX 14504

    Long Beach, CA  90853


      Reaching out to maintenance & repair, R&D, homeowners, hobbyists, engineers, designers...

Products - Electronics Store
More Than 50 Years in the Business - Electronics Store


Check out our products list and purchase the electronic parts you need. Our staff can draw upon a large variety of resources to try to fulfill your needs.

Service Areas:
Proudly Serving Southern
California from Downey

Who We Are

Net Electronics is a long-known electronics store based in Downey, California. With more than 60 years of supporting our customers, we take pride in providing convenience as well as a wide range of electronic supplies for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Let our store work to meet your needs.

Some of the needs we service include...

• CCTV Surveillance Equipment
• Siamese cable and fittings
• Batteries in watches to alarm backup

Whites Metal Detectors
• Replacement capacitors
• TV antennas for indoor & outdoor

• Soldering supplies and stations
• Contact cleaners + service supplies
• Audio/video cables and accessories

• HDMI Cables and adapters
• Power supplies + wall transformers
• Phonograph needles, belts


And the list goes on...





Competitive prices on
White's Metal Detectors
Made in U.S.A. 

Looking for the right alternative to Radio Shack? If you have questions, try us for the answers for your electronics needs. Don't let the closing of Radio Shack bring you down. As you will discover, we have the variety of parts, cables, and more that your local Radio Shack may have offered. Give us a try. We are a great alternative to Radio Shack.